The International Stefan Zweig Society (Internationale Stefan Zweig Gesellschaft) promotes the differentiated discussion of the life and work of Stefan Zweig (1881-1942), one of the worldwide best known Austrian writers of the 20th century.

The International Stefan Zweig Society considers itself to be a community of readers, of those interested in Stefan Zweig, of collectors, researchers and friends of literature at large.

As a member of the ISZG you support the activities of our Association, and you enjoy the following advantages:

1.) Information on Stefan Zweig (i.e. book market, events, research)

2.) Annual meetings of the Society (attendance fee reduced for members), bibliophilic limited prints at irregular intervals (free or at a reduced rate for members)

3.) Exchange of ideas and communication within the Society, as well as the possibility to meet other interested people

4.) You support the award of the International Stefan Zweig Society and give assistance to young researchers and young artists (actors, singers)

The yearly membership fee is € 35, for students and young people € 15.

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